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Apr 1, 2022

Pick a Pier secures new investment

Marine tech start-up Pick a Pier has secured investment from venture capitalist Lane Bess. Bess is the principal and founder of Bess Ventures and Advisory, and was previously COO of cloud security company Zscaler Inc. Bess also notably flew into outer space aboard one of Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin flights in December last year. Idan […]

Feb 9, 2022

Pick a Pier launches exclusive boater loyalty program Popeye® Sail Club

  Pick a Pier, the international marine tech specialist founded in 2017, is launching an exclusive loyalty program Popeye® Sail Club this spring. The club gives passionate boaters the most advanced, rewarding, and sustainable loyalty boating club that allows members to set sail with guaranteed berthing in the best marinas.    Boaters spend time on […]

Nov 15, 2021

Pick A Pier Presents Sustainable Online Connection for Boaters and Marinas

The international team behind Pick A Pier believes the ocean belongs to everyone. Founded in 2017, Pick a Pier strives to promote marine tourism, solve marine environmental issues and help marinas to increase profitability. The Pick a Pier digital platform connects marinas and boaters across the globe to make the ocean more accessible and sustainable. […]

June 08, 2021

TransEurope Marinas extends cooperation with digitized berthing platform Pick a...

By Tamara Zieve TransEurope Marinas, Europe’s most extensive marina network, is extending its cooperation with Pick a Pier, an Israeli boater application that enables online communication between boaters and marinas. Pick a Pier recently announced a new business plan to modernise and streamline the recreational boating experience, striving to match the standards people are accustomed […]

May 24, 2021

Blue Flag and Pick a Pier Join Forces in Rewarding Sustainable Maritime...

Pick a Pier’s robust digital platform will help Blue Flag marinas enhance communication with their customers, enjoy greater exposure for their sustainable business practices, and encourage boaters to protect the maritime ecosystem. As the sailing season begins, boaters have started to venture overseas to their favourite cruising grounds. Marinas of the Blue Flag network will […]

Jan 3, 2021

Steering Digital Innovation in Marina Networks

PICK A PIER TRANSFORMS TRANSEUROPE MARINAS FOR THE DIGITAL AGE Today’s rallying cry from global institutions pushes for the tourist industry to embrace sustainable and digital transformation. Whilst still largely registered within the transport industry, marina operational models are often more akin to nautical tourist destinations and yet still rarely reflect the level of customer-centric […]

September 28, 2020

Promoting a Culture of Sustainability as a Sailor, Boat Builder, Marina or...

Most of us have heard this sentence at some point in our lives: change starts from within. Travel, just like anything else now, is mostly local, and maybe, instead of being a restriction, it is actually a sign for the right opportunity for a conscious and positive change.  It has been a year already since […]

Feb 27, 2020

Pick a Pier and Blue Flag Announce Partnership To Promote Environmental...

The partnership will provide a huge boost to the maritime environmental agenda and promote a culture of sustainability in the recreational boating industry. Blue Flag, one of the world’s most recognized voluntary eco-labels, grants awards to beaches, marinas, and boating tourism operators who adhere to environmental guidelines, joins forces with Pick a Pier, an innovative […]

Feb 6, 2020

TransEurope Marinas Announces Partnership With Marina Tech Innovator Pick a Pier

TransEurope Marinas and Pick a Pier will be working to create the new industry standard for marina customer service in the digital era. The partnership brings together two influential forces of the maritime industry, TransEurope Marinas: Europe’s most extensive marina group, and Pick a Pier: an innovative startup that utilizes advanced technology to design innovative solutions for […]