Marina Groups

Pick a Pier specializes in enabling marina networks to
build their business, improve customer experience, and grow their network’s community.

Grow Your Business Wisely

Running a chain of marinas is no easy task. Our technology enables you to provide a standardized level of customer experience across each marina. Communicate easily with each of your marinas, gain new clients, maximize existing resources, and offer additional services.

Digitize Operations

Let your team do what they are best at - focus on providing exceptional service for your customers. Easily automate recurring and tedious tasks and gain valuable time back to focus on your customers.


Utilize our system to connect and communicate directly with the marinas in your association, boaters, and even local businesses in your network's territory. Interconnect to all.

Empower Your Community

Provide your community with the resources, knowledge, and tools they need to make decisions. Encourage customer loyalty with incentives and rewards for your members who travel within the network, partners who promote your brand, and enable real-time updates across various communication channels.

Analytics and Reporting

Access all data and reports in real-time to know exactly where your business goals and objectives stand. Gain a bird’s eye view into business operations, marina performance, resident and visitors trends, and empower each marina to make better decisions.

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