Data Based Decision Making for Governments

Ports and marinas are the financial backbone for coastal communities worldwide. Pick a Pier collects extensive amounts of valuable data to empower governments to make decisions on
critical public resources

Global Coverage

We operate in multiple countries and are able to adapt to local government requests

Optimized Data

Our data sets provide transparency and visibility to make sense of complex data points

Secure and GDPR Regulated

We are compliant with industry and government security standards

Pick a Pier enables governments to make the right decision
at the right time

Communication &

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Design evidence-based policy

Verify information through communication with other stakeholders

Faster return to routine operation during COVID-19 outbreaks and other crisis situations

Traffic Monitoring

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Receive information regarding traffic in and out of the country

Verify information through communication with other stakeholders

Monitor borders and receive health information about visitors

Market Growth

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Taxation adjustment that match local currencies

Intelligent and sustainable Strategy to address market growth

Economic growth through new markets or expansion of existing ones