Protecting the ocean.

Our commitment to future generations of boaters.

The ocean is one of Earth’s most valuable resources. We rely on it for climate regulation, hydration, sustenance, and the very oxygen we breathe.

Pick a Pier takes an active role in preserving the seas and coastlines to ensure they thrive for generations to come. By scaling proven solutions to problems that have been plaguing the boating industry for decades, we’re making it easy, fast, and economical for marinas and boaters to do the right thing.


Make the most of what we’ve got.


Coastlines are finite.

The ocean may be vast, but most people interact with it around the areas where it meets land.

Naturally, coastlines are highly populated and affected by human activities. Building along the coastline impacts the environment for Kilometres up and down the coast. Housing, tourism, and transportation – including boating – all rely on finite space that at this point is almost entirely used up.

With such desirable and limited real estate, there is increasing pressure to build more, and governments and communities have limited choices when attempting to protect their coast.

Increased boater demand.

The past few years have seen a massive surge in recreational boating activity, and the demand for docking space has never been higher.

Better standards of living and a desire to reconnect with nature have driven people to seek outdoor activities and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down. Many existing marinas are running out of space and simply can’t accommodate both local boats and frequent inbound visitors.

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More marinas, more issues.

Marina construction is not only very expensive but is also very harmful to the environment.

Reefs are displaced, coastlines erode, and the added traffic from boats harms the flora and fauna of the ocean.
Extending existing marinas is a preferable option, but it’s rarely feasible. Even if a marina has available areas to which it can expand, there could be a host of logistical and bureaucratic problems that would prevent it. Thus, it is extremely rare to find marinas that can expand their available berths.

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Optimising the current berth supply.

Pick a Pier is establishing a highly connected network of marinas and boaters that is unlocking new levels of efficiency.

The traditional way of allocating mooring spots in marinas is unsustainable.

Most marinas utilise only a fraction of their potential berths due to the inability to see ahead and communication issues between marinas and boaters. Berths are left vacant while the marina staff is burdened by poor communication

This is where Pick a Pier’s groundbreaking technology comes in. With boater tracking, marina data sources, AI, and machine learning working together, we optimise the utilisation of the existing berth supply so that marinas can do more with the resources they have. Of course, this optimisation isn’t only sustainable, it also directly translates to increased profitability.

85%Reduction in paperwork
X3Greater berth utilization
60%Reduction in human error

Using our reach to safeguard the deep, wide blue.

Creating the most advanced technologies to enable sustainable boating is just the beginning.

Raising industry and boater awareness.

We have partnered with Blue Flag, one of the world’s leading eco-labels, to promote environmental best practices. Pick a Pier is implementing its solution across Blue Flag certified marinas, making it easier for them to maintain the highest Sustainbality standards. In addition, we’re leveraging our unique, direct relationship with boaters to encourage more eco-minded sailing.

The Sustainable Boating Pledge

Incredibly simple. Remarkably impactful.

In partnership with Blue Flag, we ask all our new boaters to take the Sustainable Boating Pledge and adhere to eco-friendly practices at sea and on-shore.

Take the pledge

Gathering valuable information.

Pick a Pier’s digital transformation of the recreational boating industry is generating actionable data that helps get a clearer picture of boating’s impact on the environment. We use machine learning to monitor sailing traffic in real-time, and leverage user-generated input to understand and predict when, where and how people are sailing.

The insights and trend spotting that our platform enables, not only improve our own product – it’s also used in long-term policy initiatives and industry-wide standardisation.

Working together to bring change.

Pick a Pier aims to become an industry leader in a global initiative to take action against climate change. We’re working with some of the most influential players to bring about true environmental transformation.

We have been awarded by Solar Impulse as one of the 1000 sustainable technological solutions that will positively impact our world by using better technology.
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Through our membership in the Marine Innovation Association, we engage with ICOMIA to develop strategies.
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Follow our progress.

Pick a Pier is constantly expanding the ways we can create a more sustainable boating industry. Stay informed and hear more about how we work with our partners to protect and preserve the oceans by signing up for our newsletter.