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Our Mission is to Preserve, Sustain, and Nourish Nature's Resources

We have pledged to assist in the preservation of our oceans and maritime eco-systems.
We are reducing the environmental cost of construction, encouraging sustainable sailing behaviours,
and protecting marine environments and biodiversity by reducing carbon emissions.
Our platform introduces and promotes new environmental standards for marinas and sustainable sailing practices for boaters.

Pick a Pier’s technology solves critical sustainable challenges:

Optimal utilization of existing berth supply

The traditional way of building marinas can damage the maritime eco-system. We are able to maximize the use of existing resources to enable full utilization of the marina’s existing berth supply

Green & Blue Transformation

Now is the time for a global “Green and Blue” environmental transformation. Our solution is eco-friendly and we have been one of only 1000 companies to receive Solar Impulse’s clean and profitable solution. We take an active part in promoting and endorsing sustainable solutions that help our planet.

Support sustainable initiatives & solutions

By utilizing technology and sustainable solutions, we have developed strategies that help marinas run their operations in a more efficient and environment friendly way, and we enable boaters to promote a sustainable agenda as well, by providing them with resources and best-practices

We have partnered with Blue Flag, the world’s leading eco-label, and with the Marine Innovation Association to help raise awareness about maritime importance and the challenges that we will overcome. We have been awarded by Solar Impulse
as one of the 1000 sustainable technological solutions that will positively impact our world by the use of better technology
and sustainable solutions

Pick a Pier has pledged to contribute to environmental initiatives, donate to sustainable causes, and promote “green and blue” companies and agendas

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